Re-NEW Basic

This is our basic Windows or Mac operating system re-installation package. We format your hard drive then re-install Windows 7,8 or 10. Note that none of your data or programs are backed up, so make sure you have copied your music, pictures and documents to either the cloud or external media. This is for customers that use dropbox or google drive or icloud drive and understand how they work.

Included in this package:

  • Complete format and disk check of Hard drive including diagnostics to determine the health of the hard drive
  • Windows or MacOSX installed (using your current license) including all updates
  • No bloatware or branded software is installed. This leaves a clean working copy of Windows or MacOSX ready to be customized with software to be installed by customer
  • Included is the option for us to install a basic software package if customer desires. This includes:
    • Firefox, Opera and/or Chrome browser
    • Notepad++
    • VLC (The most compatible and used Media Player on the Internet)
    • 7Zip (archive file extraction and compression software, i.e. .zip files)
    • Java, .NET, Silverlight, Adobe Air and Adobe Shockwave runtimes (For
      online applications and media playback)
    • LibreOffice (A fully functional and microsoft office compatible office suite)
    • Online storage software: Customer’s choice of Dropbox, Google Drive, Mozy, One Drive, Sugar Sync or Bittorrent Sync)

Price: $49

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